Holy Week Schedule

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Palm Sunday—March 25th, 10:30 AM Maundy Thursday, March 29th Communion and Tenebrae Service—7:00 PM Prayer Vigil, March 30th-April 1st Good Friday, 9:00 AM, through Easter Sunday, 9:00 AM (Sign-up sheets are in Fellowship Hall) Easter Sunday, April 1st, Resurrection Communion There will also be an Easter Egg Hunt for the children after the service. We hope you will join us for this wonderful celebration!

“True Love”

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John Blanchard was in Grand Central Station looking for a girl that he had never met but whom he had grown to love. He didn’t know what she looked like, but he knew that she would be carrying a red rose. His interest in Miss Hollis Maynell had begun thirteen months before in a Florida library. He took a book off the shelf and became enthralled, not with the book but with the words written in the margin. They reflected a thoughtful soul and an insightful mind. He decided to track down the owner of the book: Hollis Maynell. It … Read More

Food Pantry Needs for March

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Items can be placed in the wicker basket near the back entrance or on the table in the narthex. The following are suggested for February though any donations are appreciated . Sun March 4 Cereal Sun March 11 Fruit Juice Sun March 18 Canned Fruit Sun March 25 Tea and Coffee

“Lost Keys”

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I would like to share some thoughts with you from a book by Tish Harrison Warren called Liturgy of the Ordinary. She writes: I have a plan for my morning—run by the store to pick up a side for dinner and some dish soap, then head to a meeting. So after I brush my teeth and get dressed quickly and eat breakfast, I throw on my favorite corduroy coat, hoist my computer bag over my shoulder, and head toward the door. I go to grab the car keys on the entry table that we bought (and painted robin’s egg blue) … Read More

Where Have All The Gentlemen Gone?

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Isn’t it true that men used to treat women with respect and gentleness? Maybe I am just imagining this, but it seems to me that there were more gentle men in days gone by. Where have all the gentlemen gone? Harvey Weinstein, Charlie Rose, Bill Cosby, Louis C.K., Roy Moore, Donald Trump, Al Franken, Matt Lauer, Garrison Keillor, and the list goes on and on. All these men and many more have been accused of sexual harassment and abuse. A recent Quinnipiac Poll found 60 percent of women say they’ve experienced sexual harassment, and it happens most often in the … Read More

“Christmas: Myth or Truth?”

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The sign read: Put Christ into Christmas this year. A young lady glanced at it momentarily, then turned to her friend and said: “Hmm! Now the Church is trying to poke her nose into Christmas” From The Merriest Christmas Book by Mark Link. Santa Claus has become the center of Christmas. It is a wonderful myth that has grown over time— but it is just a myth. Yet it is the heart and soul of Christmas for most Americans. The church originally took Christmas away from the pagans. December 25th was, in Roman days, the “Feast of Saturnalia,” a celebration … Read More